Blog Resurrection

By Patrick Settle

I’ve had a blog since before they were actually called blogs…

However, I’ve always found it a challenge to write for it.

First writing about myself is always difficult if not impossible, and in those rare occations I want to write about something my inner critic destroys most ideas before even getting to text editor.

Then of course, there’s deciding what to write about. Those of you who know me know that my interests can be somewhat… broad. This makes it impossible to focus on any particular topic, something that most “blog professionals” say you should do… focus… pick a niche… find that one thing you’re good at…

But what if you’re not good at just one thing, and you have no interest in only being good at one thing?

Need to build a house, ok… fix a car, sure thing… want to plant a garden, where do you want it… need globally dispersed staff to be able to track clients and share data securely… how soon do you need it?

Well I’ve no good answer. Except one, just write. Write whatever comes to mind… good chance with the amount of information being poured onto the internet very few people will read it anyway. However someone might, and they may find one of the posts useful. If so great! If not?

Maybe it’ll just clear my head a bit.